and anything else you need to know

Who can rent? 

You can rent as long as you qualify for the following criteria:

Holders of Singapore OR international driving licence

We rent to all who are 18 years old and above with a driving licence, including probation plate (P-plate) drivers. Note that a $20 daily surcharge applies for drivers between 18 to 22 years of age (by birth date) with less than 2 years of driving experience. 

What documents to bring?

We will require:

Your NRIC/Passport
Driving Licence (Singapore/International)

What is the security deposit? 

The security deposit is meant to safeguard any damages to the car and cover fuel costs if the fuel is not topped up to the level at which the car was released at. We collect a $300 refundable deposit (most preferably in bank transfer/cash/cheque, not credit card) from you plus the total rental amount (listed rate X number of days of rent). After returning the car without mishap, the $300 will be refunded through your preferred method.

What is Peace-of-Mind Coverage?

Peace-of-Mind coverage allows you to limit your liability to $100 at an additional cost of $15/day (local use) or $30/day (Malaysia use). It is a small cost for your peace of mind and a pleasant rental experience. This means that the maximum you will have to pay for damages will be capped at $100 with Peace-of Mind, as compared to a possible $3000. 

What time can I collect?

As your convenience is our priority, we offer 24-hour car collection from 63 Hillview Ave, Lam Soon Industrial Building. 

Please note that last-minute* car rentals booked outside of office hours (5pm-8am) are subjected to a $50 admin fee if the scheduled pick-up time is outside of office hours as well.

*within same day till 8am the next day

For example,
Contacting us at 10pm to schedule a pick up at 1am will incur the $50 admin fee.
Contacting us at 10pm to schedule a pick up at 9am will NOT incur the $50 admin fee.
Contacting us at 4pm to schedule pick up at 1am will NOT incur the $50 admin fee.

What is your late-return policy?

Rental charges are based on a 24-hour rental day, with each additional hour up to 6 hours being pro-rated hourly. Late returns past 6 hours will be charged as an additional full day.

Can I extend my rental period?

Yes, you definitely can. Just give us a call to inform us of your intended length of extension. The daily rates will remain the same as your rental plan. We will provide the instructions to facilitate bank transfer of the additional rental fees.

What happens in the event of an accident/car breakdown?

In the event of an accident (whether it is your fault or not), please inform us immediately. Ensure you have taken adequate pictures to document the accident as well as exchange personal particulars information if there are other driver(s) involved.

In the event of a car breakdown, we offer round-the-clock roadside assistance, so feel free to give us a call and we will be able to assist you.

Is fuel included in the rent?

Fuel is not included in the rental. We ask that hirers return us the car with the same level of fuel as when they collected it.

Road speeding and parking fines

The hirer is responsible for all traffic offences and fines incurred during their hire term.

Can I drive to Malaysia?

It is our priority that our cars are road trip-worthy and can be driven into Malaysia with a peace of mind. We are fully supportive of customers who require a car to drive across the border. Rentals to JB will not incur any additional surcharge. For rental usage further up north, there will be a small additional fee payable (please see pricing page). 

How to pay?

We accept cash, cheque and credit card by PayPal. 

Car delivery?

Yes, we provide island-wide delivery at a charge of $30 each way.

Daily Pro-Rated Weekend Rentals

We offer weekend rental packages for all our cars but are very aware that not all our customers require use of the car on all three days. Sometimes, you just want a car to run errands for only one day. We are happy to pro-rate weekend rentals from the packaged rates on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to inform our customer service agent of your request. 

Do you do long-term rentals?

Yes we do long-term rentals, please contact us to discuss preferential rates.

Corporate car leasing?

Yes we are able to rent to companies for long-term use, please contact us to discuss preferential rates.